Month: February 2017

Your benefits plan should be a strategic advantage to your business

Turner and Porter: Case Study

Turner and Porter had previously bought a Benefits Plan that had a low upfront cost, however then prices rose dramatically in subsequent years. In addition to lack of cost containment, the account handling was impersonal and both the business owners and employees were finding the working relationship difficult.
Penmore was asked to come in and provide a complete review of the program, the competitive framework, and work directly with the company on negotiation with carriers.

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Why Airplanes Crash

What one successful CEO learned from air crash investigations – and how it all applies to managing any organization What does managing a business have to do with airplane crashes? For Jeff Quipp,...

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CDI Professional Corp. Case Study

The CDI HR team was faced with two completely different plan designs due to an acquisition. This made it difficult to keep track of who is part of what plan and this caused many problems for their payroll department.
CDI has asked Penmore to create one plan design for all divisions and design it around cost containment and future affordability. Penmore was also asked to look into benefit options for the 1000 Independent contractors situated throughout the country.

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KGHM International Case Study

KGHM international and DMC Mining Services Inc. were in the process of bringing both benefit plans under one umbrella with common plan designs and blended rates. Both plans were insured with Standard Life which was purchased by Manulife financial.
Penmore had to not only do an analysis of the various plan designs, but also the claims experience and the rates of both groups. A cost analysis was also completed.

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