What’s the Problem?

The CDI HR team was faced with two completely different plan designs due to an acquisition. This made it difficult to keep track of who is part of what plan and this caused many problems for their payroll department.

After analyzing their claims history we noticed that there had not been any employee education sessions in many years and the plan was being used recklessly. Massage therapy was nearly 60% of the total health spend and this was problematic with cost containment. There was a wellness program but the employees did not know about it.

CDI has close to 1000 Independent contractors, spread out all over Canada, that are without coverage. CDI wanted to offer a health and dental option to them.

What were we asked to do?

CDI has asked Penmore to create one plan design for all divisions and design it around cost containment and future affordability. Penmore was also asked to look into benefit options for the 1000 Independent contractors situated throughout the country.

What did we actually do?

Penmore Benefits Inc. identified the following objectives

  • Initiated a full review on the current plan and built a new plan design.
  • Assisted the payroll department and corrected the billings with the new insurer.
  • Educated all employees about the new benefits plan as well as the wellness plan.
  • Created a partnership with one of the leading insurance carriers to offer a benefits offering to the 1000 independent contractors.
  • Did individual enrollments with all of the independent contractors.

How did it work?

Once it was determined that CDI would transition to a new carrier the 60 day implementation started. Weekly calls/ meeting were scheduled with the new carrier, Penmore and CDI team. The focus was for a seamless transition for employees. Six comprehensive employee education sessions were set up. Here Penmore was able to explain why the transition was done and educated the employees on how benefits plans work and what the changes were.

Penmore also set up 6 Webex meetings for the 1000 independent contractors. These are recorded and we also emailed out so that it could be sent to the independent contractors that were unable to attend. These were done in French and in English.

Corporate Information

Penmore Benefits Inc. is a consulting firm specializing in providing retirement and benefit plan management, focused on maximizing the return on your investment in benefits.

Penmore Benefits Inc. has earned a solid reputation over the years for providing effective solutions at affordable pricing, wrapped with the highest standards of personalized customer service. We take great pride in consistently delivering excellent service and advice, and our highly respected reputation is taken very seriously throughout our industry.

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