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Emotional Salary – More than Just a New Buzzword

Employees are telling us they need real recognition if we want them to stick around By: Bill Zolis I have to admit that it wasn’t very long ago that I first heard the term “emotional salary.” But when I started looking into it, I quickly discovered that it is a very...

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Preventing Benefits Fraud Starts with the Basics

Let’s address the attitudes and misconceptions that can lead to fraud By: Bill Zolis One of the problems with preventing misuse of benefits – not to mention outright benefits fraud – is that most employers are reluctant to take measures or introduce controls that...

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10 Ways to Make Sure Your Travel Insurance Works for You

What you need to know to ensure peace of mind on your trip  By: Bill Zolis If there was one thing I could tell everyone about travel insurance, it would be to take the time to figure out exactly what sort of coverage they needed, and then to make sure every ‘t’ was...

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Mental Wellness: What Should We Be Doing?

There are practical things we can start to integrate into the workplace culture.  By:Bill Zolis I think by now we all agree that safeguarding employee mental wellness is the key to building a positive and productive work environment.   Or wait… Do we have that...

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It’s About Way More than Just Resolutions

People are asking, What changes can I make in order to live better?  By: Bill Zolis The problem with New Year’s resolutions is… well, we all know the problem. They have a tendency to fade away by Groundhog Day.  That’s understandable and, from what I’ve been reading...

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10 Ways to Make the Workplace More Fun

The little things that encourage social interaction can make a big difference By: Bill Zolis What is a happy workplace? Or, more specifically, what is it about some workplaces that make employees describe them as happy places to work?  This goes to the heart of the...

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