Group Employee Benefits

We design and manage group benefits programs that prioritize the health and wellness of your employees.

Protect Your Employees with the Right Benefits Plan

A well-designed employee benefits plan will contribute to higher employee satisfaction, retention, and recruitment success. Do your employees view your investment in benefits as a valuable part of their compensation package, or do they take them for granted?

Penmore’s Group Benefits Team focuses exclusively on employee benefits. Our decades of experience and long-standing relationships with Canada’s leading and most innovative insurers enable us to design benefits plans that are tailored to your organization’s unique demographic and aligned with your goals and financial considerations.

Benefits Audit

We review your existing programs. Based on our review, we prepare a report detailing the results of the audit and clearly articulate the recommendations.

Plan Design Consulting

We advise on new developments in employee benefits and recommend incorporation of these options into your existing benefits program. Solutions are based on market comparisons and benchmarking.


We negotiate your renewal rates. Our spreadsheets detail your current renewal along with alternatives. The implications to your plan’s costs and its benefits are explained, to ensure the greatest value for your benefits dollar.

Plan Marketing

We gather and review information for submission to a specific list of insurance carriers. We analyze all proposals and prepare a benefits and cost comparison


Customer service is our key differentiator. We assist with conflict resolution of claims, billing, enrolment/terminations and general administration.

Plan Communication

Communication of the implementation, plan design, or and plan amendments to employees is crucial in managing employee benefits programs. We prepare employee communication materials and facilitate education sessions with them to ensure a clear understanding of the program.

Who We Work With

We know that companies care about their employees, whether it’s one or one thousand. Penmore Benefits’ Consultants work hand in hand with our clients to design group employee benefits programs that focus on their needs.

“Penmore supplies Benefits programs for our company, provides great advice on insurance, and even helped us bring a compensation program for high performing individuals. Their high quality, professional service and timely advice means we don’t have to waste time; they help tremendously with HR at Fer-Pal.”

Shaun McKaigue


“Toshiba relies on Penmore to be an extension of the HR department. As specialists in benefits and pensions, we count on them to monitor our metrics and performance. Lio and his team are always accessible and responsive, and have been instrumental in the success of the program for our employees.”

Robert Assal


“Because Penmore know the people in our business, and how we think, they really understand our business requirements. Rather than needing to be managed, they act like a partner in our success.”

Danny London


“We have worked with Penmore for 6 years. They are very responsive, and fully involved in implementation and issue management. We have a very lean team, and we rely on them to bring expert knowledge and context to our Benefits, Retirement, International, and Executive programs.”

Christine Barwell

Alamos Gold

“Penmore goes above and beyond looking after our employees, helping to solve problems with benefits providers. They provide that extra effort, you know they are there, and that gives me comfort knowing the employees are in good hands.”

Lucie Gagnon

MCAN Mortgage

"Michael and Tyler from Penmore were extraordinary in their communication, personableness and responsiveness. I felt looked after and guided through the onboarding journey, as I did throughout our relationship. Penmore's dedication to bringing a personal touch to every interaction has been outstanding, and I would recommend them to any company wanting to be led by expertise and connectedness through the group benefits journey.”

Christine Deacon

Head of People & Culture, Plastic Bank, Vancouver, BC

“Penmore always answers quickly and are very responsive to the needs of our employees. They have gone above and beyond to ensure everything is taken care of in difficult times.”

Chuck Young

Hela Spice Canada Inc.

“Bill Zolis was instrumental in reducing the cost of our program, and developing the cost containment we needed to support our employees. His hands-on negotiating with the carriers got us the program we needed, and his day to day management makes sure we are getting the service we deserve.”

Bill Nixon

Turner & Porter Funeral Directors Ltd.

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